Five reasons why you should be playing netball

Netball has seen a huge rise in popularity since England won gold at the Commonwealth games in 2018. Many players who hadn’t played since school are now joining local teams and playing regularly both for fun and exercise.

playing a team sport is good for fitness and well-being and has many benefits.


Whether you do regular exercise, or are just starting up with a new regime, the kind of exercise you do playing netball is different to what you might do at the gym, or when going for a run. Netball involves a lot of short sprints, lunges and side stepping, as well as good coordination. Having power to change direction and keep up with your opponent, requires strong leg muscles, so is essential and playing often will keep your legs in great shape.


Whether you are looking to play a high level, competitive version of the game, or just want a fun way to exercise and keep fit, you should be able to find a local team to suit you. Netball is a sociable game with opportunities for lots of fun including team banter, when playing and training, as well as post match drinks and get-togethers.


Team sport can bring people together, who otherwise might not meet. It gives players the chance to make new friends, try something new, let their hair down and switch off for a few hours.

Despite being the current Commonwealth champions, England only managed to secure bronze in the Netball Nations Cup earlier this month and admit they need to improve.

Coaches, clubs and players wanting to improve their game, can use a netball drill training video from companies such as which are suitable for all levels of player.

More fun than the gym

Even if you’re a gym junkie, playing a team sport encourages you to push yourself to your limit, so as not to let your team down. When you’re working out in the gym, you might let your mind wander as you pound the treadmill, but netball requires focus and concentration on the game in hand, so playing can also help with your mental agility.

Extra calories

Netball is a high energy, calorie burning game, so no need to feel guilty about enjoying some carbs, especially if you’re playing netball regularly.

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