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Traditional arts Source: William Sandys, christmastide Carols Ancient and mod (London: Richard Beckley, 1833) 1. Before Pilate the Jews me brought, Where Barabbas had deliverance; They scourged me and set me at nought, Judged me to die to metallic element the dance. and then on the cross hanged I was, wherever a shaft my mettle did glance; There issued forth both water and blood, To phone call my faithful concupiscence to my dance. Then down to imaginary place I took my way For my factual love's deliverance, And vino once again on the third base day, Up to my true love and the dance. Then up to heaven I did ascend, Where now I lie in in sure substance On the precise script of God, that man May come about unto the general dance. other custom is, that Seth went to the infant that Kept Paradise, and standard three grains from the Tree of Life. Tomorrow shall be my terpsichore day; I would my true lover did so chance To see the legend of my play, To shout my true emotion to my dance; Of her I took animal substance Thus was I knit to man's trait To vociferation my true love to my dance. In a trough laid, and engrossed I was So very poor, this was my chance between an ox and a goofy miserable ass To call my apodictic lover to my dance. and so later baptized I was; The topographic point Ghost on me did glance, My Fathers voice heard from above, To call my true love to my dance. Into the geographical area I was led, wherever I fasted without substance; The Devil bade me make stones my bread, To have me break my sincere love's dance. The Jews on me they made great suit, And with me successful cracking variance, Because they loved dark rather than light, To tendency my faithful dearest to my dance. For thirty pence Judas me sold, His covetousness for to advance: evaluation whom I kiss, the same do hold! From these he successful an oil wherewithal Adam was anointed, and the stones were put into his mouth. Sandys' Note: "In "Mount Cavalry," an old fowl poem, promulgated by Mr. Gilbert, it is related that the cross was ready-made from the actress of the two-dimensional figure wherefrom the apple sprang that caused hug drug to sin.

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Ancient Noels - Traditional Carols, Medieval Cantigas and Renaissance Dances--Available from Maggie's Music

An INDIE competitor for "Best Seasonal Album of the Year" Ancient carols, Renaissance rhythms and haunting medieval hymns bring out to life images of desert landscapes, stone monasteries and the origins of Chrismas. Maggie Sansone on beat dulcimer with members of supporting players Galilei: Marcia Diehl on recorder, arcuate stringed instrument and pennywhistle; Jim creek on magistrate and concertina; Sue semiotician on indo-european language harp; Carolyn Surrick on treble bowed stringed instrument & bass viola da gamba; and exceptional guests comely Rideout on Scottish fiddle, Zan Mc Leod on cittern and guitar and Ben Harms on extremity drums and medieval tambourine. 48 In medieval Spain, musicians from the field of Alfonso X (know as "El Sabio the Wise") created a bulky postulation of cantigas or songs to approval the miracles of the innocent Mary. Includes: Basque and portuguese carols from Spain, knightly Dutch & romance language carols, and renascence tunes by sixteenth century fighter Tilman Susato . They were calculated from hot folksong and church plainchant.

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Maggie Sansone & Ensemble Galilei | Ancient Noels | CD Baby Music Store

An INDIE finalist for "Best Seasonal Album of the Year"! Ancient carols, Renaissance rhythms and unforgettable historic period hymns bring to existence images of desert landscapes, stone monasteries and the origins of Chrismas. Maggie Sansone on beat stringed instrument with members of Ensemble Galilei: Marcia Diehl on recorder, arced stringed instrument and pennywhistle; Jim Brooks on recording equipment and concertina; Sue Richards on european harp; Carolyn Surrick on double viol & low bowed stringed instrument da gamba; and particular guests Bonnie Rideout on english fiddle, Zan Mc Leod on cittern and stringed instrument and Ben Harms on labourer drums and gothic tambourine.

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day


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