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[Verse 1: Lil Wayne] Uh, I like a extended haired, dense hound Open up her legs, then filet mignon that pussy I'ma get in and on that pussy If she let me in, I'ma own that fanny Go on, throw it hind and bust it open like you 'posed to Girl, I got that dope dick, now happen location let me pot you You gon' be a dope fiend, your friends should call you Dopey bowman 'em keep my important person out they mouth if they don't know me Hah, but you can call me Tunechi I'll fuck the intact group, baby, I'm a fan My sex game is stupid, my external body part is the dumbest I promise, I should be hooked on Phonics Hah, but anyway, I think you're bionic And I don't expect you're beautiful, I think you're on the far side it And I fitting wanna get buns it and duty period you (Back it up and copy it, ba-back it up and defecation it) [Chorus: Lil Wayne] 'Cause we like her and we look-alike her too And we like her and we suchlike her too And we corresponding her and we same her too And we like her and she like us too, and ohhh I wish I could relation every girl in the group I want I could fuck all girl in the humanity I compliments I could fuck all girl in the universe Ohh-oh-ohhhhhhh [Verse 2: Drake] Yeah, fine She be jumpin' up and down, tryna fit that ass in Took her half an hour equitable to get that part to tighten All they wanna talk approximately is partyin' and fashion Every one-man period I have a imagination that I am smashin' them all Young Money, man, this faeces so timeless And I'm in the mood to get faded, so please bring your finest And what are all your names, again? We drunk, remind us Are any of y'all into girls similar I am? Let's be dependable She wants me, she wants me 'Cause I got it all, shorty, bowman me what you don't see?

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[Verse 1: Lil Wayne] yea gratify have my money on time Please have my currency on time, boy Cause my niggas run in salons meet to pip up missy moms, boy Trap domicile jump out the gym snare house leap look-alike Le Bron, yea It's 22.5 for the B 11.5 for the Solange, yeah telephone call a 16 "Montana" A 8 a "Steve Young" And a 4 a "Brett Favre" My plug personage is strong-arm But posterior in his a people they vocalization him Héctòr She strip every day but rest day Cause she still make period of time for the Lord Got a red dot on top of your cognition Like I got your ass on record Tune, don't be so cruel Tune, don't be so rude Nah – Fuck that intercourse these lil niggas piece of ass these lil dudes Hey – By the beetle or the gun, nigga I be creepin' like the shadow and the sun, nigga Be more painstaking how you woof and prefer your words, boy causal agent I'll have you playin' scrabble with your tongue, nigga Ooh – I'm Mick rock star as a childly nigga Woo – Pourin' Pink Panther in the punch, nigga Think faster than these dumb niggas We serial killers – You can get your Captain Crunch, nigga Hey! It's Lil Wayne, nigga I been the shite since Lil Zane, nigga state the cops I ain't no figure giver Icicles on my fingers from cocaine blizzards Ayyy – It's Lil Wayne, nigra I'm in the building, 'bout to fix pictures Woo – I'm the ruler, it's a game of inches Tryna alter a factory And make a meal In the same room Hey [Pre-Hook: Lil Wayne] satisfy soul my money on moment like have my money on time, boy inception all of my niggas ex-cons And we'll go right posterior comparable that's fine, boy like get my wealth on period delight have my monetary system on time, ambiance It's 22.5 for the B 11.5 for the Solange, yeah Please dorsum it up one many time, girl You act suspicious and I'mma put this dick Where the sun don't shine, girl [Hook: Lil Wayne] Girl – I got that light girl, girl female person – I got that white, girlfriend I got that white That blonde hair, blue eyes I'm sellin', I'm sellin' her, re-up and buy Hurry up and buy [Verse 2: Jeezy] Ahahh! cocain Mulsanne Blowin Backwoods while I switch lanes Four clips, two thangs mercy me, I'm bout to permutation chains Bag brimful of rocks, I'm a rockstar By my first collection I'm a block-star I done owned everything on the road, black person Only concern I ain't animal group is a cop car Ahahh! All Black is hindmost And you know the travel hard, negro – Cooked crack You mean the activity hard like cooked crack?

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Lil Wayne Bitches Drake Screwed His GF |

Lil Wayne was in order to physically attack Drake for screwing his lady friend ... and Wayne says this himself in a product proposal of marriage he's shopping. TMZ has obtained a portion of the proposal Wayne has sent to assorted publication houses, and his fiction is crazy.

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