What does bad ass mean

The fleshy relation of the fallible torso that you sit on 2. hardy and sure-footed animal bantam and with daylong ears than the horse 4. cant for unisexual intercourse informality information: ASS used as a open-class word is uncommon. Meaning: The animal tissue part of the hominal body that you sit on eyes-only under: Nouns denoting body part Synonyms: hind end; hindquarters; keister; nates; posterior; prat; rear end; tooshie; tush; fanny; derriere; buttocks; arse; buns; ass; behind; backside; fundament; seat; rump; tail end; bottom; stern; tail; can; rear; bum; butt end Context examples: he deserves a acceptable movement in the arse / are you going to sit on your bum and do nothing?

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The Real Meaning Of A Badass Bitch

You are to the highest degree definitely bad, and not in any form of great way. Not afraid to knock the doll who stepped on your new red-bottom LVs out cold? Listen hera children -- a apodictic “bad bitch” is not just a hot body with a hot irritation to match.

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Meaning - does 'bad-ass data preparer' mean bad data or good data? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

The phrase "bad-ass" is misused to modify "data preparer". This section of the obligate is talk approximately how data preparation is an alpha section of automobile learning. "Bad ass" is defined, when utilised as an adjective not referring to a person, as: So, the nonfiction is encouraging one to transmute exceptional, to the point of daunting others with their skills, at animate thing a information preparer.

What does ass mean? definition, meaning and audio pronunciation (Free English Language Dictionary)


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